Different Day, another lie about level 9 Nomad camps.

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  • I don't lose a second's sleep, over comments by losers like yourself. What amuses me is that anyone would be concerned over what a person, that you will never meet, has to say about anything. Only fools make generalized statements about people they know nothing about, and who really cares what a fool says? Every time you make a comment it only makes me laugh. At least you are good for something. :D^^:D^^:D^^:D^^

  • another pathetic farmville player on a killing and pillage game , thinking is a warrior clicking the builds and kiss the rá and hug the anubis, i supose everytime you hit a nomade you say to them "go my children go, is the only way i have to make some resources, and the only emotion this game have for me " jajajajajajajaja:P:P:P:P:P:P:P yes your amusing too ahahahahah lots! i come on forum just to read about all the shit you say and laugh a lot , yor a major jester :) thanks , on this hard times all world is passing by, ig good have a circus for free with you as the pricial clown making all us "real players" laughing a litlle

  • I have no doubt that you get even more laughter when you look at yourself in the mirror. Winners don't concern themselves with what losers think. You are what you are, a coward that doesn't even actually log on to this forum but remains a hidden guest. I guess when it comes to being pathetic you would be an expert, as I suspect you have been one your whole life. BTW, I am now over twice the points of the person in second place and even the top 4 players on the top tribe combined cannot equal my total. It tells a lot about the level of play on my server. So many have already quit that it has become a little boring, so I will be leaving before long myself. Going out on top like a true winner. :D^^:D^^:D^^

  • I see that spelling is not one of your strong points. It looks more like you are the ones who need attention as you constantly inject your comments instead of just moving on. Maybe you are just trying to convince yourselves that you are relevant as human beings? Not doing a very good job. lol :D^^:D^^:D^^

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  • That is because you are spending all of your time on your own stupid self. You are not even smart enough to realize that your constant insults have no effect on me what-so-ever. You just like to see yourself in print. The more likely reason for you pissing on yourself is because you were not properly potty trained as a child, and from most of your comments that wasn't so very long ago. I have no doubt that you and your inbred associates will be pleased to know that I will be leaving this game in the next day or so. I have finally accomplished all I set out to do and after 17 months of playing no longer find it challenging. But a part of me will always be around to remind you of all of your failings as incompetent players. I go out on top as the undefeated player on my server. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  • Maybe no one ever taught what #1 means, Jugastupid. You sound like all of the other losers. You cannot get to the top spot so you make excuses for other's successes. 2 months after the announcement from Moho and the Nomad 9 camps are still loaded with Scorpion Kings and Anubis, and the walls are still at level 18, the Sphynx is still at level 19 and the obelisk is still at level 12 so no decrease in strength and stamina. How these mods love to lie.

  • It took me 2 days and over 100 nomad 9 camps spied to find 5 that were worth my time and troops. I am on the Giza server, the second one started in 2019. They are getting poorer and poorer with the resources that used to be in a level 7 or 8 nomad camp. My zodiac is also very high so that should tell you what a waste of time it is to spy the pathetic nomad 9 camps. Luckily I am at the top of my server with over half a billion points so I no longer need the resources in nomad camps. The only good news is that with such lousy resources in the Nomad camps, no one else can ever catch me. ^^:D^^:D^^:D^^:D

  • A very old post and coming from a person who has been in vacation mode for the last three months, she has nothing to complain about to others. I take advantage of every option available to me when the time calls for it. Losers always try to point out why they cannot get to the top. But I am sure you know all about ineffective playing, Magdalena. ^^:D^^:D^^:D

  • I have to agree with cyager69 on many points to his complaints about Nomads. Myself I haven't been able yet to attack Nomad Lvl 9's, but I have noticed that even though I have increased my troop counts to 1000's more, what was easy to defeat a LVL 7 or 8 has become harder even with my increase by upping my Sphinx, Obelisk, put everything on my side to increase strength, stamina, I am finding the stronger I get, the stronger the same Nomads get as well. I also have found even using the Battle Simulator, regardless if I change my troop strength and for example increase my RA by 50K, it doesn't seem to make a difference.

    It almost seems like the algorithms are skewed to cause player damage and loss regardless of ones troops strength. Also what was good resources to be had, seem to also diminish in direct relationship to my troop build up and numbers.

    It is like a flowing river, the stronger the motor I have on my boat, it seems that the flow of the water current increases with each additional HP I add to my motor. Hope my rambling makes sense.

  • NorthernLights, You will have to forgive Magdalena as she is simply rambling on without a clue as to what normal people are discussing. Perhaps when she gets a little higher in the game she will realize what we have been talking about.