Player..harassment? I'm not sure what you'd call it but it's getting bad

  • Hi, there is a person in Anocris who came into a tribe I made the other day. He said that he was a boy, he was 19 years old, and he was gay (idk why he had to tell me that, but I just took it in stride)

    I start playing Anocris, and he joins the tribe I made. I'm writing a message saying that it was very nice to meet him, that I was glad to see him in the tribe, etc. when he says, "hello, motherfucker, how does your fucking brain wake up today?" okay, I thought. maybe he's just a little upset about something today. This kind of thing happens a few times, he keeps on calling me a motherfucker. I ask him to stop over five times, same reaction from him. I ask nicely, firmly, warning him multiple times..he kept on calling me a motherfucker and other offensive names, so I kicked him out of the tribe and joined another tribe, planning on staying away from him for a little while. Well fast forward, I decide to give him another chance, he asks to come into the tribe I'm in, I ask the tribe leader, he gets in. So far so good. He starts cussing for no apparent reason and says that it's because he's gay. Well, I'm not sure about you all out there but I've met some pretty nice gay people out there, and they didn't have to cuss every five seconds...anyway I just let it slide. But then he keeps on cussing. The tribe members ask him to stop, I ask him to stop in private chat, he calls me a motherfucker, I ask him to stop (yet again) he posts it in tribe chat saying "that's bullshit, you're crazy (my username)" I tried to stay calm the entire time but this guy is really getting on my nerves. Eventually the tribe leader puts a stop to it but the person keeps on cussing and disrespecting other people's boundaries so he is kicked out. We have a huge brawl in world chat a few days later in which he called out someone on their sexuality and yet again calls me a motherfucker. I've tried asking him to stop, but all I get are sarcastic replies. Maybe he's having a hard time, i don't know, and maybe it's just because he thinks that he's oh so superior, but it's really driving me off of my rocker. The reason I'm telling all of this is because I want to join a tribe that most of my online friends are in, but he's also in that tribe. I know that he's going to disrespect me again if I do join, so I asked him in private messaging if he would want to call a "truce". The only thing he said, "silence, please" I am trying not to be unreasonable because no one likes a moody teenager (haha) but this guy is really giving me a hard time and I'm not sure what to do...I've got anger issues so that also isn't helping the situation; we've fought a few times but he still calls me names no matter how many times or how many different ways I try to ask him to stop. Politely, firmly, warning, pleading, begging, no-nonsense- I've done them all, nothing's working. I'd really like to rejoin my friends tribe but if he's in there I'm afraid I'll ruin it for other tribe members because as soon as we talk we just go at each other's throats haha if you know what I mean

  • You have a lot more patience than I do. That little snit would have been kicked and fair game for anyone to hit. There are a lot of trolls out there. And in these weird times of the pandemic, we have seen an upturn of bored and ill bread little heathens. Just give them the boot. And if it persists report and block them. Without an audience they are n0othing but a PITA.

    Here in the quiet valley, you will escape the heat of the dog star.

  • This guy s brain has the size of a peanut.. It is an alt, he has one in almost every tribe and he just wants to draw attention...block him. dont waste ur time on idiots. Btw sirius, u got one of his alts in ur tribe too :PPP

  • What's his username, 2018lifefremember? That sounds exactly like what somebody else I've seen has said- he claimed to be a differant age, but the part about cursing "because he's gay" was the same drivelling nonsense.

  • I agree about the harassment ,there is one tribe that is going out of the way to drive every one else out. The leader gets very spiteful if you attack back. Oh well, it is a shame that Dahsur has that tribe on it.

    Then u can dispand that tribe since u re in it and leave us alone to play in peace. Btw u never attack Robyn, u play farmerama... Have the deacency to use ur name at least...And cut the bs about spite... u re just mad u got attacked... in a war game.. go figure...Also, stop pming anyone that spy or attack u, iits annoying.. grow some spine or leave if u cant take it.

  • Also, both of u are not in a position to talk about petty and spite, since all of u in that tribe are the

    definition of them... take a good look at the mirror and speak to urselves. U tribe drove 10s of ppl out of the server and is now almost dead coz of u.. gtfoh.