What a bunch of BS

  • Yes I say BS, because that is exactly what it is.

    The developers want us to think they are doing a great thing by doing a " Medjay are 100% stronger", and "Ra's are 100% better at defense"

    You fail to mention that the Nomad Medjays and RA's also become the exact 100% stronger, along with any opposing tribe players as well.

    It is a play on words, trying to make us believe you are all being so generous but in the end there s 0% gain. it is a wash

    So my Mejay is now twice as strong, big F deal, so are everyone elses and also every Nomad out there. Stick these kinds of "gifts" where the sun doesn't shine, it is all they are worth. You know, the garbage pail with a lid so tight no sun or light ever reaches it.

    You may fool some of the people some of the time, but there are some of us that see through the deception.:cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing:

  • I like your comments on the forum, especially the one from August 17th:

    "This whining has to stop, learn to play or move on to a peaceful game that best suits your way of playing."

    That comment had to do with people whinning about game playing issues between players, had absolutely nothing to do with what I am bringing up in this post. Apples and Oranges.

    Go back to your corner, Amazing that you took the time to go back through my posts to try and find something negative to say. All your trolling here doesn't mean squat to me. And yes, you are a troll, evident by your posts

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  • My comment at the begining of this thread is not a whine, I know how to play the game, when I say the whining has to stop I am referring to those that don't realize this is a war game and constantly cry tears whenever they are attacked.

    My issue is when the game developers try to pull a fast one on the players. Giving the false impression that something is a gift, when in reality it is nothing.

    Calling out the game developers for this is not a whine, but a notice to them that some of us are on to their BS

  • NorthernLights, there is no sense arguing with a child and that is what CaptainHook is, a child. Since there are obviously a great number of people playing this game who lack basic common sense your original post will fall on deaf ears. I have been saying for a long time how the developers of this game are only interested in making people pay for their gaming enjoyment. Only an imbecile would think that getting stronger Medjays and more resilient Ra warriors is a benefit. You are one of the few who easily saw through this ploy since ALL Medjays and Ra warriors get increased, it is basically like no change at all. The really stupid people will just start playing the newest server and find out in the end that the same things happen on the new servers as they did on the old ones.