Cyrene (intm2) downtime + rollback

  • Greetings Pharaohs,

    Due to an unexpected hardware failure in the machine where Cyrene (intm2) resides, we were forced to "roll back" Cyrene to an earlier state.

    The downtime took place from approximately 2022-05-02 21:45:00 CEST to 2022-05-03 03:00:00 CEST

    Cyrene is now again accessible as normal, but its state has been rolled back to 2022-05-02 12:10 CEST, that is, to approximately 10 hours before the downtime began. Anything that occurred in between those 10 hours has unfortunately been lost. Should you have purchased amethysts during this time, your amethysts will appear in your account unspent automatically on your next login.

    We have also additionally implemented a server-wide 24 hour attack protection, ending at 2022-05-04 03:08:00 CEST.

    We are sorry for the inconveniences that this incident may have caused and rest assured that we will take measures to prevent this issue from reoccurring again. Should you have questions about the downtime or the rollback, please get in touch with us via support here:

    Thank you for your understanding and best regards,

    Your Anocris Team