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    Hi I have tried a couple of different credit cards that I use all of the time and it is saying there is an error. I contacted them and it is good on my end. They all said that you are trying to debit instead of credit. Please remedy this so I can make a purchase. Thank you

    Thanks for the info. I was actually curious because a member was being threatened by another player. And I wanted to respond with the actual game rule. I did find it on the main page. But I appreciate the response as always.

    MOHO, my apologies. I haven't returned to the forum until today. My bad. I don't recall the dates, I have to assume it was on or before the date of my post.

    I have a recent issue with purchases of gems. The new format is great, but it won't let me make any purchases. It keeps giving an error message.

    Thanks for responding and again, I apologize for not getting back to you. It won't happen again.


    City: Sopdet


    For the past two days I have tried to make purchases, but it keeps saying there is an error and to contact us if it persists. Well, there is no contact. And if I logout of the game and use the Contact US at the bottom of the page it goes nowhere.

    How can we play this game if we can't get what we need or talk to someone about it?

    I would love to hear from someone or have a way to contact someone from Anocris. Thank you.



    I tried several times and with different cards and it will not process any of them. I wanted to take advantage of the sale, but your system is having issues. Can you please extend this sale when you fix this issue? thank you

    Is it possible to add a compass on the map? It would be nice to have a point of direction as to distance and locale from the main buildings. Thanks

    When I run the simulator, I will use the highest amount of troops then start subtracting the amount until I get the same results with the least amount of troops. I also make sure to add what buildings I have and click both mine and the defenders luck. I am attacking nomads. So I am assuming when I run the simulator it is telling me correct info. Is that assumption wrong?