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    @Battle Goose

    "You have completely missed the point, mate. This is not a 'me' problem, or a 'my tribe' problem. This is all tribes on the server, and different players from different tribes announcing they are quitting and why in chat."

    I haven't missed the point. This is a war game. If you wipe me out - good! It's so boring when nobody even spies, let alone attacks. You will say that this is because all players have been "forced off the server by being attacked". Give me a break. Attack me. Beat six bells out of me. I will pick myself up and hit you back. That's the game. Whining about being attacked and quitting the game? Time to find big girl panties and put them on.

    Guys, I've got some friends playing actively who are unable to join this forum. Does anybody know the answer to the "security question": What is something you need to build the Hatshepsut Palace? I don't understand why such a random question has been put as a barrier to entry onto this forum here.