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    1. This is what happens when we stop vacationing on the server <Meidum,, , a friend of the guild sent me just now . Lots of multiplayer attacks and lots of spies. There is not a minute of peace to gather resources or evolve and build troops<a href="" data-uuid="6fa69b80-9a58-4192-886f-f64dadc606ba"><img src=""></a>

    May I ask what server. You can send it to me privately. We seem to have the same problem all of a sudden on Naucratis. There is a tribe of misfits that formed there after Dahshur. Now they are trying tactics that are more suited to actual war games. This game does not have affordable deterrents. I play two Android war games one for seven years, and there you receive a lot of free items that offer protection.
    So you can do a lot of what these noobs are doing in a game like that and not kill the server. Anyway, we have devised a plan and I will let you know how it works.

    Hello Sirius, the server is Meidum, it's already a ghost server, now only some who don't belong to the exterminator guild play. As I said before, villages were built alongside all our players, it only takes a few seconds to attack us and twice, three times a day and even more times. What's the point of playing only with members of your own guild??? not a war game ???? I keep coming to the game, but now I'm a farmer lol and I have a good laugh with the opponent's spies and attacks, now that he only kills Bedouins and camels lol....

    Server: MEIDUM

    My guild: Fast and Furious

    Hello, it's very sad when a tribe becomes super aggressive and even after they manage to occupy the first place on the server podium

    and see that the leaders of the other tribe have abandoned the game and their companions, continue attacking the weakened tribe,

    to the point of plant villages next to all the players who insisted on continuing to play. They simply killed our troops

    and don't give us a chance to remake the troops and evolve. We couldn't attack nomads or gather our own resources to try to evolve...

    That made many people go into consecutive vacation mode, in an attempt to one day be able to return to play... and others left. But,

    it's no use, we've tried a truce and it wasn't possible, They simply say: Let's reset you!!!! If we go back for a few hours,

    we are constantly attacked by the village planted next door in seconds... these villages planted with care not to evolve to the point of not being able to attack the target players,

    this is the height of stupidity, neither play nor let them play, they must be second bills.

    What is the meaning of this attitude?????? Is this a war game? yes, but without opposing tribes to the height, you will fight against who ??????????????????

    Meanwhile one more server dies!!!! Very sad this!!

    Meidum Server

    our tribe: Fast and Furious