Just been attacked

  • how often and how much is it permissible to beat someone in a day.

    it is always the same attacker on the same speller.

    2) Protection after defeat within 12 hours with a score difference of 75%

    Secondary attack protection; valid within 12 hours and protects against attacks of the same player who has previously attacked and defeated another player in one particular city.

    - It is only activated if someone has already lost a fight, so it only applies from the 2nd attack on (for the first attack, it is the server setting 1:5 that determines the attack protection rule).

    - Protects only against attacks of the same player, so the protection is always triggered per player.

    - Applies per city, not per account.

    Here in the quiet valley, you will escape the heat of the dog star.

  • Whitesnake there are a few reasons a player continues to attack the same player.

    1. They city being attacked continues to provide unprotected resources for the attacker.

    2. The attacker and their tribe are enemies of your tribe and are trying to keep you from growing.

    3. You did something to piss them off lol

    There are others I'm sure, but those are the three I find to be most common. I would suggest you start sending your troops and your resources on a long walk when you leave for the night. Be sure you have calculated enough time for both troops going and returning. Example: If you normally are gong ten hours, be sure to make a five hour walk there. And I would suggest short walks if you are going to be away for a short time. Good Luck!

    Here in the quiet valley, you will escape the heat of the dog star.