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    Day two and no word why the server keeps going down. I would think some form of compensation as a goodwill gesture is forthcoming.

    Is it possible to add higher levels of Nomads? I think we need Levels 10, 11 & 12. It would be nice to have that challenge. Attacking L9 Nomads is getting boring. Thanks:);)^^

    I am going to answer my question by saying yes you can. And when you come out of vacation the AP is still active. I just came out of vacation. Thanks anyway

    Have any of you gone into vacation mode while in AP? If so, when you return, are you still in AP or has it run it's course? Thank you in advance for your expertise:).

    Whitesnake there are a few reasons a player continues to attack the same player.

    1. They city being attacked continues to provide unprotected resources for the attacker.

    2. The attacker and their tribe are enemies of your tribe and are trying to keep you from growing.

    3. You did something to piss them off lol

    There are others I'm sure, but those are the three I find to be most common. I would suggest you start sending your troops and your resources on a long walk when you leave for the night. Be sure you have calculated enough time for both troops going and returning. Example: If you normally are gong ten hours, be sure to make a five hour walk there. And I would suggest short walks if you are going to be away for a short time. Good Luck!

    how often and how much is it permissible to beat someone in a day.

    it is always the same attacker on the same speller.

    2) Protection after defeat within 12 hours with a score difference of 75%

    Secondary attack protection; valid within 12 hours and protects against attacks of the same player who has previously attacked and defeated another player in one particular city.

    - It is only activated if someone has already lost a fight, so it only applies from the 2nd attack on (for the first attack, it is the server setting 1:5 that determines the attack protection rule).

    - Protects only against attacks of the same player, so the protection is always triggered per player.

    - Applies per city, not per account.

    Write where you found that the game can be played from the age of 18 because there is no such provision in the regulations:

    Game rules


    You can find this on the start page. It doesn't state that they can be kicked out because they are underage, but that they need permission. I highly doubt any of them have gained permission from the game or written permission from their parents etc.

    General Terms and Conditions of Lionmoon UG (limited liability)

    § 3. Registration and Conclusion of Contract

    3.3. The use of games and additional services is only open to individuals who have reached the age of 18 at the time of the registration, or to those who act upon a consent of their legal representative. Insofar as the user is a minor, they warrant that with sending the registration request, an effective consent of the legal representatives is available. Lionmoon is entitled at any time to request a written proof of the user's legal age or a declaration of consent of the legal representative.

    Have you switched to a new server ? how you doing ?

    That was a lifetime ago. But I did make the jump and up until three weeks ago I was doing better. I spent the past few weeks in the hospital and got hit lol Fun times!

    You will have a better chance of getting an answer from the Great Pumpkin, than from support. They probably have a high school intern who comes in once a week to look thru the messages, deletes 90%, and then gives a generic answer to the ones answered. Support and the Mods are jokes. I stopped sending anything to support over a year ago.

    lol Yes well I have been fortunate in the past with them responding to me. This though is becoming a habit. So once again I missed out on the sale. I agree it has to be a kid doing this, there is no way an adult would keep making this up. It is to the point that I have seriously contemplated leaving this game. It is not beneficial to me. We'll see. The only that kept me here is the friends I made.

    So once again, trying to make a purchase with the same card that I have used for the past two years and I see "FRAUD" and "REFUSED" pop up. OK I call my bank and am told that the alarms did not originate through them. So I write to support once again,( heck I could use the same letter I have used in the past) and inform them bla bla bla. Bottom line, I can use the card anytime during the month except when there is a sale. Funny how that works. My card is good anytime as long as I don't receive the benefit of the sale. Ok I am done ranting. If any of you happen to experience the same I would love to hear from you. BTW I have yet to heard from support.

    It is easy to tell the winners from the losers by the comments left. Whenever a game has attacking and battle strategy, it is a war game. If the intent was simply to see who could grow the largest it would be a farming game. If you cannot figure out a way to defeat your enemies and at the same time protect what you have, you should find another game or just quit complaining and be content to be a sheep.

    I disagree. You can be a "winner" if you spend a lot of money. You can be a winner by what? Attacking losers? This is a very limited battle tactic game. It is smash and grab. nothing more

    @Battle Goose

    "You have completely missed the point, mate. This is not a 'me' problem, or a 'my tribe' problem. This is all tribes on the server, and different players from different tribes announcing they are quitting and why in chat."

    I haven't missed the point. This is a war game. If you wipe me out - good! It's so boring when nobody even spies, let alone attacks. You will say that this is because all players have been "forced off the server by being attacked". Give me a break. Attack me. Beat six bells out of me. I will pick myself up and hit you back. That's the game. Whining about being attacked and quitting the game? Time to find big girl panties and put them on.

    But it really isn't a war game. It is a strategy game. Actually it is more a smash and grab. In a true war game you would not have these limitations. You might want to find a real war game and give that a try.

    It is also the problem when you have a wide range of ages playing. There is a big difference between playing with adults, teenagers or younger and older people. Most of the crap BG is referring to comes from teenagers that think it is fun to smash and destroy, they have no intention of playing the game, they are just there to wreck havoc. Their attention spans only go so far as the immediate distraction, and destruction they can do, then walk away after they get bored, leave the game and allow their cities to turn to dust. They never intended to stick around.

    I see this constantly in WC, comments that they are in between classes, or just home from school, bragging and thumping their chests for the world to see.

    I have to agree with you there. It is definitely a big PITA. One of the hazards of the game. Though I believe most of my tribe is in the same age category. We are a bunch of older farts lol

    I am sorry to hear it Traquinas. So many dead servers. For once I would love to see one server thrive. I don't mind the attacks. And if truth be told I play another game on my android that is conducive to porting up to the enemy and attacking. But there you get points for troops killed as well as resources. It is a lot more involved than this.

    I think some think they are being clever implemented these tactics. But what they are doing is forcing out players. I refuse to let my team suffer like those fools. But that is another story. I also love to get spied. I am a lot more clever than that lol Any way good luck to you. If you happen to make it to the Lisht server, PM me before you do, I would love to play with you, you seem like a sensible person. :)

    You have completely missed the point, mate. This is not a 'me' problem, or a 'my tribe' problem. This is all tribes on the server, and different players from different tribes announcing they are quitting and why in chat.

    Again, there is nothing wrong with raiding players and general raiding is not what we are talking about. We are talking about players specifically setting up next to and raiding players hourly, not to collect resources but purely to kill off any chance of troop recruitment. There comes a point where raiding doesn't look like playing a game but looks like being spiteful.
    There are already not enough players, and server chat is dead quiet most of the time.

    Ultimately people can do what they want, but what's the goal here? to play by yourselves?

    You nailed it. I passed over that post. Obviously he has a limited mentality. He is coming at it from the tribe that is probably at the crux of it. I made sure to copy and paste to all the people from tribes who are complaining to us about them their info from another server to show them who they are dealing with. When you are constantly on the losing end you become a desperate player. I personally get a good laugh from it. But you hit it. It is so nice when intelligent people respond in kind.

    Why bother playing a game based on war if you are not going to attack? This is a game of strategy. Knowing when to walk your troops and planning a good route of communication with your tribe members is essential to advancing and building a strong tribe. Attacking not only keeps the other tribes from getting too large but can also bring in some great resources. With so many games on the internet, it makes no sense to me to play a war game if attacking others is not on one's agenda. I love a good challenge and players who constantly run only make finally getting them that much sweeter. :D:D:D:D:D

    It may categorically be a war game, but it is a limited one. There are not many strategies to this game. It is a simplistic version of the actual war games played on android. By avoiding an attack you are employing one of those strategies. It's a limited venue. I have played one for 7 years and not only do I have a plethora of options, I have a ton of different troops, weapons, dragons not to mention quick return, actual speed up, ports galore and shields. Until you play a game like that this is really not much of a war game. But it provides a lot of people a form social interaction and an introduction to military styled games, albeit limited.

    There are basically two types of players on Anocris. The warriors and the farmers. The warriors play competitively and the farmers just take up space. Many of the farmers join a tribe for its protection and do nothing to help the other players. My last tribe was made up of mostly farmers who the founder allowed to stay even though most of them never communicated or ever helped in an attack. People need to find out who is really in the game to help and put together a tribe of only those players.

    While I tend to agree with much you post, I have to disagree. When talking to new players I try to find out the style of game they are playing, offensive or defensive. Then I advise them accordingly. Many are not here to initiate attacks, though they will if needed. Many enjoy frustrating the more aggressive players. I myself laugh my arse off when certain people keep trying to catch me. So much fun imagining their blood pressure going up ;)

    May I ask what server. You can send it to me privately. We seem to have the same problem all of a sudden on Naucratis. There is a tribe of misfits that formed there after Dahshur. Now they are trying tactics that are more suited to actual war games. This game does not have affordable deterrents. I play two Android war games one for seven years, and there you receive a lot of free items that offer protection.
    So you can do a lot of what these noobs are doing in a game like that and not kill the server. Anyway, we have devised a plan and I will let you know how it works.

    People buying is not a problem with this game. But tribes who go out and bully other tribes and set their players to attack none stop so people get so fed up the leave is much more of a problem.

    I agree. There are many creative ways to play without spending. I do buy amethyst for changing seasons and the market. I rarely if ever would use them for any other reason.

    And as far as bullying goes, I don't mind the attacks here and there. What I find disturbing are the idiots that are lazy and go after members daily. It shows they don't care. I often think of locust when I hear of it happening.