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    Excellent points BG. I think there are a number of factors at work here. You have lazy leadership. They are only concerned with getting to the top rather than helping out there lower level members grow. We are also dealing with tribes made up of members that normally can not amount to much. They are take the easy way out. I can see stealing rss, if that is your thing. But this vicious game play is new. I have been playing a long time and never have I seen players who are so vindictive. It is a server killer. The more intelligent members temper attacks with growth. I guess some people forget this is a game.

    Jest dokładnie odwrotnie. :) Bez "statystów" gra byłaby nudna i nie mielibyśmy na kogo napadać. To oni robią frekwencję w tej grze i powodują że chcemy płacić za napadanie statystów :)

    Magelena, if the translator is correct you are saying that it is good to have to spend to have extras? If this is your point, I think it is flawed. I play other games for years that are far more generous in free rewards that aid the player in the game. You literally can play with all the advantages of a person who would spend here. The difference is that most people spend money on skins and other addons to their castles. But you can obtain speedups, gold , shields etc for doing events.

    agree with you on the spenders but it does create a distinct disadvantage as few of them will have several accounts and will not get banned when reported because they are spenders, others who do not spend and use several accounts and get reported for doing the very same thing get banned from the game. I surely would like to believe in some sort of equality on that ground at least

    Spenders would not need extra accounts. Unless you are talking about additional cities. I have many cities, but one account per server. And I do spend, maybe not as much as some, but I do spend to a degree. There is no need for many accounts, unless I am missing something here.

    Anyone jumping to a new server after only playing for 2 months should find another game to play. If you cannot compete on the server you started with you probably won't do any better on a new server.

    Oh I agree. I am being silly. I know there will be quite a few going. I am sure they have stars in their eyes looking at the first page lol

    Guys with regard to the Kenbet, I need clarification. Does it only affect the wheat while troops are moving? Or does it help reduce the wheat used while they are in the city?

    I was told to increase it because it will help reduce what my troops need to sustain.:) Thanks guys!

    Well my luck didn't hold. I spied more than 50 nomads and there are 5 potentially good hits. Three were impossible to hit due to massive amount of Anubis and two I am going lose a few Ra, but at this point what can I do? I need the rss. I am in the same Boat Fergus. One level away from Scorpions. And it has been months saving. I don't mind that part of it. Ironically I like that, I get a lot of satisfaction of completing a goal. But so much resistance lately, doesn't seem worth the effort. And I spend here, but if it persists I am gone.

    So, I am curious to see what this round of nomad hunting goes. Later last night I decided to return and do some runs and lo and behold found that things were back to normal. I am hoping this is a trend. Otherwise really what is the point anymore?:rolleyes::huh:

    The decreasing resources in the Nomad camps have been going on slowly for the last few months. The people who run this game are seeing a decrease in the number of players and those spending cash on this game so they use every trick they know to get the remaining players to increase their spending. By decreasing the available resources in the Nomad camps they hope that there will be more people who will buy extra raids to make up for the poor resources. It now takes 50-60 spy missions on the Nomad camps just to find 4 or 5 with halfway decent resources and that causes people to use more wheat. They never wanted long-term players for this game which is why they have new servers every 2 months to get the gullible new players to switch and spend money.

    I came to the same conclusion, but I really wanted to get it out there and see if anyone else was feeling the pinch. I spend, but I am not seeing any reward for my support. Instead I get less rss and new servers to drag players away. Starting to rethink things. And thanks for the response, much appreciated.

    OK what gives with the nomads lately? Seems like the past few weeks either they have little resources to offer or they are loaded with Anubis. Not doing much for me wanting to continue with the game. It's not like I am getting any benefits form it and now no resources. Make me want to stay...:thumbdown:X(:/:rolleyes:8|:(

    If you have to ask how to find your own password then you are either too young or too feeble-minded to be left alone. I suggest that you go to the dollar store and buy yourself a memo pad and keep your passwords and user names written down so you won't run into this problem in the future. Of course, make sure you pick an easy spot to remember where you put your memo pad or you will be asking where to find it next. :D^^:D^^:D^^:D^^


    But then you have players like this guy going on world chat and telling people go to another game. So i understand money keeps rest of us playing for free, but guys like this sends people elsewhere. He not only bullies players and mouths off but he advises people to leave this game.

    12:56] [MDK] Phantom: to all peeps that would like a game Not run by communists, check out Grepolis where skill actually counts!

    You are giving Phantom way too much credit for the server going through a natural death. Trust me, he is not all that lol

    stop buying and maybe they will start solving issue

    If people stop buying, what will be the incentive for the owners of the game to continue to offer it for free? I am sure the people who work for them want to get paid in exchange for the work they do. Do you not expect a paycheck in exchange for your services?

    I think we have become used to "free gaming" and forget that there are people who are footing the bill for all of the players who do not spend.

    I do not resent you for not spending, but I have seen people practically spit the words "spender" out as if they were choking on it. I think people need to stop and think before they speak.