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    I disagree with the complaints here. What is happening is this: *you* and *your tribe* are unable to provide protection for *your* small players. Sounds to me like your tribe members should all jump ship to the tribe you describe as a "bully".

    You have completely missed the point, mate. This is not a 'me' problem, or a 'my tribe' problem. This is all tribes on the server, and different players from different tribes announcing they are quitting and why in chat.

    Again, there is nothing wrong with raiding players and general raiding is not what we are talking about. We are talking about players specifically setting up next to and raiding players hourly, not to collect resources but purely to kill off any chance of troop recruitment. There comes a point where raiding doesn't look like playing a game but looks like being spiteful.
    There are already not enough players, and server chat is dead quiet most of the time.

    Ultimately people can do what they want, but what's the goal here? to play by yourselves?

    Hello friends, it's your local battle goose here.

    Today's topic is
    Tribes: wry they lack common sense?

    I've been seeing more disgruntled players lately, throwing their hands up and quitting a server or the game entirely. The reason being is that certain tribes are raiding players into the ground - beyond raiding for resources, but raiding to ensure players cannot build up their city or have an army. Now obviously this makes sense in real life where you would want to ensure your enemies can never be a risk to your citizens - but this is a game, wherein there are no real lives at risk, and wherein people can decide it's too annoying to bother trying anymore. If the game is not fun then people will leave, and if you are literally not allowed to plan then it's no fun. Raiding the same person daily, sending attackers every few hours is a surefire way to make people leave. When tribes are raiding players who have no RSS to loot it becomes quite obvious the purpose is to wipe out any troops.
    No troops means you can't do anything even mildly interesting - besides no raiding players back, it means you can't even loot nomads to try to build your city. These players end up falling significantly behind, and thus end up quitting out of frustration. When raiding ask yourself - am I raiding the same person to a point that is still reasonable? or am I raiding to be an arsehole?

    This game already has serious issues with a lack of players, we don't need to actively drive any more away.
    What's the point in being number 1 if there is no one else playing?

    Obviously I can't tell people what to do, but I do highly suggest everyone think about the way they are playing and if it is conductive to the game or whether it is hurting the game as a whole.

    Hi, how we doing?

    You know what would be fab? A general area for talking about general things, that are not Anochris related.

    It has been proven that games that can foster a real community presence tend to last longer than those that do not, and a forum is a big part of a community presence.
    So how about it

    Just as it says on the tin; advertise your tribe to the people of the forum. Because why not? (but don't take it too seriously)

    Introducing the newest and greatest tribe of all time, [SUS] Suspiciously Fowl - on both Dashur and Naucratis

    What are our achievements? None.

    What do we do? Nothing

    What do we offer? Bird puns

    We are all about doing nothing, shit talking and being fowl.


    / )


    Just wondering what the late game content, if there is any, looks like.

    I've been here a few weeks now and I have some concerns. It looks like it's just build up, join a tribe, raid. But there are a few issues surrounding that. for starters I'm already within the top 300 on my server, which means there are very little players here. (Yet new servers are being announced?) Raiding is not that fun when you only raid between the same few people.
    The disparity between the top tribe and the second tribe is enormous - which makes them pretty unraidable, in a game where raiding is the only thing to do. This isn't really their fault, but a game based on raiding should have something to deal with this - either limit size, or having other non-raid content to engage with.

    I also seem to be in this forever tutorial lol I'm wondering if it's worth continuing on playing, and would like to know what the later stages of the game look like. If it's more of the same then I might decide whether to bail now or not, or try to push for new content.

    Yes, I joined a few days before June 5th. I have no idea when you 'left'; and it seems you are still here, in any case. I didn't take any time to go through posts, I'm just observant. You both spell because as 'cos'. It also helps that these forums are dead and there are only what, 5 people posting here? That's really not much to go through. I don't send resources any where, you're free to look at where I am located.

    I will also point out that my first time on the forum was not about you, yet you chose to rudely respond to me, and even then you seemed to insinuate that I may be someone else and not using my real name. Your 'everyone is an alt against me' paranoia is doing you a disservice.