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    Once the last bit of money that can be extorted from the players happens, and enough players quit, the games will be shut down and these lazy so-called developers will simply start up a similar game to new fish and the cycle will begin all over again. I stopped sending these fools money a while ago and have no intention of sending them any more of my hard-earned cash.

    Aton is referring to the dribble that MOHO puts out every few months with absolutely no clue as to what is happening (if anything at all). Personally, I don't think the moderators even know what is happening. They are simply the mouthpiece of the new servers that come out every 2 months. Other than that they are about as useful as the teets on a Bull.

    He either works for them or is their adoring little sweetheart in complete awe of their lack of any credible accomplishments. I am sure he will rise to the occasion defending the diligent work behind the scenes of the incompetent.

    It is amazing to me that there are people who keep hoping for improvements in this game when the facts are right in front of everyone that the people who run this game are not interested in what the players have to say or do. When the revenue dries up enough this game will just dissappear and before long another game that is similar will appear to start the cycle all over again. Only a real fool does the same thing over and over and expects the results to change.

    Only a fool believes that anything major is going to change in this game. The Dev's are just sitting back collecting from the legion of fools paying each month for the same old play that has been going on for the past 3+ years.

    This game has been a lost cause for quite some time now. The developers are lazy with very little in the way of improvements over the past 2+ years that I have played. They are content in taking in as much of the player's money as they can without doing anything for it. They have had only 2 mergers in the past 2 years and my server has not been in either one. The only reason I am still on this game at all is that I sit so far ahead of everyone else on the Giza server that I can basically sit back and do nothing.

    I guess you mean that if you die I would be the dumbest? Coming from a half-wit like you that really is a compliment. Losers always complain about their betters. lol

    Don't hold your breath waiting for the dev's to do anything monumental. Compared to other games on the internet these guys are in last place. I have been playing this game for over 2 years and have seen few improvements in all that time. The resources for the level 9 nomads have been crap for over a year. The incentives to increase troops and buildings is laughable and the quests are a total waste of time at the higher levels. Look for some cosmetic changes in the way the game looks but if you think there are going to be major changes in the way the game is played, then I have some oceanfront property in Montana to sell you. lol

    Once you get all of your research into the level 40's and above the quests are not really advantageous. Even upgrading your buildings doesn't really offer any great advantages once you get above level 40. Adding cities and getting each one to level 50 for resources is your best bet. I no longer attack nomad camps as they are a poor excuse for resources even at level 9. I make more resources off of my 12 cities than I do with the Nomad camps and I do not waste wheat, my troops, or my time for crappy results.

    There are plenty of games on the internet with developers who are competent and come out with updates more often than the ones who control this game. BTW Lover of the Aton, you might want to wipe off that brown stuff on your nose. The devs are enjoying you too much. lol

    Your status on the forum has nothing to do with the number of cities you have in the game. It is based on the number of posts, points, and likes you receive in the forum. For someone who has played this game for so long, you haven't gotten very far. Only 10 cities?

    The Giza server will also NOT be included in the latest merge and since they have already eliminated the oldest server (Memphis) I suppose that the Giza server will also be eliminated in the not-so-distant future. Good thing I stopped spending money on this joke of a game long ago.

    One merge in two and a half years of the game's inception. The dev's are either lazy or incompetent. Take your pick. As long as they are raking in the money from their dozens of servers, they will not be changing anything and it seems that there is an endless supply of fools who think that by starting over on a new server the end results will be different.

    You all are just wasting your breath. Nothing will ever change. When enough people finally realize that they are being taken by a rigged game with no improvements, and stop playing (and paying), the developers will simply shut the game down and start a new but similar game for a new group of suckers to start.