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    NorthernLights is correct. Since the resources in the level 9 Nomad camps are shit, I really don't bother to waste my time, wheat, and spies on checking out those camps anymore. I get more resources from all of my cities than the crap I could get from the Nomad camps. I just sit back and watch what the few players who are left do. Other than that it has become farmville for me. I also do not waste any money on this game. ^^:D^^:D^^:D

    I am not holding my breath since my server was left out of the only other merge and there are few active players left here. I am so far ahead of everyone else that is left that there is really no competition. The developers know that there is no profit in merging servers. That is why they are adding new servers every 2 months to get the fools to switch and start all over. The smart players know that even though there is a new server, the results will always be the same as far as progress goes. As they say, different day, same results.

    The mods only show up when they announce a new server. Other than that, they are useless. As far as another merger is concerned I doubt that the developers will exert the energy to merge any more servers. They can make more money starting new servers every 2 months.

    They spit them out about every two months. If you look in your community under the first section you will see when the new servers have started and can figure it out from there.

    If you were not such a child you would know that no one is going to see you respond to a question that is over 8 months old. You are by far the biggest idiot on this forum. ^^:D^^:D^^:D

    What's wrong CaptainHook? Nothing better to do than look up old posts to comment on? Unfortunately, there are always a couple of children who come into the forum and think it is a playground. ^^:D^^:D^^:D

    NorthernLights, there is no sense arguing with a child and that is what CaptainHook is, a child. Since there are obviously a great number of people playing this game who lack basic common sense your original post will fall on deaf ears. I have been saying for a long time how the developers of this game are only interested in making people pay for their gaming enjoyment. Only an imbecile would think that getting stronger Medjays and more resilient Ra warriors is a benefit. You are one of the few who easily saw through this ploy since ALL Medjays and Ra warriors get increased, it is basically like no change at all. The really stupid people will just start playing the newest server and find out in the end that the same things happen on the new servers as they did on the old ones.

    The next Treasures of Tutankhamun should be starting within the next 30 days if they keep to their schedule. If you click on the community topic at the top of the page under your language the first topic of news will list all of the past dates when the Treasures of Tutankhamun have occurred.

    First off this is NOT a game for children. Second, if you were truly blind playing this game would be impossible, and finally, you lack the mental power to even understand. Go back to your cradle. ^^:D^^:D^^:D

    Maybe you should have your mother sit down with you and explain it since you do not possess the intelligence to do it on your own. ^^:D^^:D^^:D

    Wygląda na to, że potrzebujesz kogoś, kto nauczy Cię, jak prawidłowo korzystać z symulatora. ^^:D^^:D^^:D