as cidades atacadas não rebem protecção de 12h servidor philae

  • today i hade one city attacked , and as i thought was protected for 12h i mooved some army and attacked back, as i hade some army to heal i left there some army and resources , 20m after another layer also higher than me attacked and kill the army and robbed the resources, so the protection 12h for an attacked city is not working:thumbdown::thumbdown::cursing:

  • you think you know all, but you dont, this is a peace server, with special feautures "all city will be protected for 12h" no mether the points attacker/defender ,.... this is what is supose to be, and it was till some days ago, so supose is a bug. dont speak about things you dont know, i am also an old player, i know play the game, thanks.

  • and the 12h protection have nothing to do about players are same tribe or not, and yes about attacker /defender points lol

  • From most of your posts, you appear to be just an old fool. While I may not always be 100% correct, I try to at least respond to posts instead of them being ignored. In your case, ignoring your posts is a pleasure. You cannot even bother to register in the Forum. What are you hiding from??? You remind me of another fool in the Giza server, Little Louie. Always opens his mouth before engaging his brain also. :D^^:D

  • you are the fool here, first nobody asked you anything, second you answer the possts most of the time in the wrong way, 3 I was telling you about a virus, and not talking to you, or somehow thinking "that an idiot how would you have the competence to answer "but to inform players and adm. of a possible virus, 4, I don't have to register, I leave it to the resigned people frustrated with the mania of greatness "walking here all day without real life" with the illusion that they know everything about the game, lastly, I already played at the bar and you went to my farm, thank you for changing my server and for having the possibility to have grown8)8)8):D but as you said before some players , there will be a merge right? sums up your insignificance, nobody asked you to play the "role of adm." when it seems like you don’t know much about the dynamics of the game, what I have to thank is that you don’t reply to my posts, and leave it to those who know and who are entitled (the adm)

  • It seems that I have a lot of likes for my past answers so that shows how much you really know about anything. You float in as a guest with your feeble comments and think you are a great contributor. What a laugh. I actually TAKE the time out of my busy day to try and help. Maybe no one ever taught you that a Forum is created to allow everyone their say. Stick your head back up your ass where it spends most of the time and let those of us who take this game seriously contribute as we like, FOOL. :D^^:D

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  • People who have to rely on what others think of them is a poor person indeed, which is why I NEVER give a second thought to what others might, or might not think of me. No one else pays my bills or does my work for me so their opinion, or yours means squat. :D:D:D