New English Server Djedet now available!

  • Greetings Pharaohs!

    A new chance to conquer the high score comes to Anocris!

    The next English server Djedet is coming next Tuesday 19th! A new server lets you start a new game in Anocris in a world where nobody has any power yet, thus it's an opportunity to seize the high score and establish a large tribe before other players do.

    Djedet (EN17) begins next Tuesday, Januayr 4th at 15:00 CEST. That's Central European time, to find out what time that is where you live, click on this link.

    Good luck and see you in Djedet!

    Your Anocris Team

  • M0H0

    Changed the title of the thread from “New English Server Djedet coming on January 4th” to “New English Server Djedet now available!”.