• Здравейте Екип на Anocris. Нека номадите да са с много ресурси и никакви скорпиони в тях. По-малко разходи за изследванията и сградите. Развитието да стане по-бързо. Човек почва да губи интерес от играта.

  • As far as Nomads...I wish the Devs would give us a 24 hour period of being able to get all the res offered by the Nomad and not just the standard half. I do not mind the Nomads having S Kings in them as a body can always invoke the Sed Blessing and fight with double strength. I think there comes a time when buildings need no more upgrades and no more researches need to be conducted. Remember it continues to be a war game so recruit those AW and SK. Plus with each of our different budgets every now and then purchase some Amethysts. Still waiting on the Development Update so I would encourage everyone to refrain from wiping other players out...let them be okay so that they will be able to fully enjoy the Update. And then after the Update...Lord, have mercy on us all.