I got the money if you have the time.

  • Aton is referring to the dribble that MOHO puts out every few months with absolutely no clue as to what is happening (if anything at all). Personally, I don't think the moderators even know what is happening. They are simply the mouthpiece of the new servers that come out every 2 months. Other than that they are about as useful as the teets on a Bull.

  • They need to skip the D U for Tentlan and just work on giving it to Anocris. I checked the numbers over there and found 24 and 25 players online in two different servers. One player tells me that he is over there and is the only one online for his server. He has played Tentlan for a year now.

  • Once the last bit of money that can be extorted from the players happens, and enough players quit, the games will be shut down and these lazy so-called developers will simply start up a similar game to new fish and the cycle will begin all over again. I stopped sending these fools money a while ago and have no intention of sending them any more of my hard-earned cash.