Moderator MOHO Can You Share a Tentative Time Launch For the DU?

  • I am getting tired of fussing with people who say it will never come. But I know good and well that the DU will be launched sometime this year. MOHO, can you give us a glimpse into the progress being made? And some time estimate of launch date? To put the doubters' minds to rest. :)

  • I think I would have to shit, scream or go blind if I ever got an answer over here. Or all three. Are we in the predicament we are because the DEVS are not working any harder than the MODS? With what little activity happens over here I think the MODS would have adequate time to respond to our simple questions and comments. Or can they keep up a lie for only so long? Will the DU be launched next month? Or early in 2023?

    There was that woman in the Bible who bothered a judge ever day until he decided to take her case. I think I will follow her example. Post each day until I get an answer. With so many posts I hope to go from Student to Intermediate. If Intermediate status comes after Student status.

    You may ask how is the Aton doing? He is doing okay. If I could control the alphabet, I would put the D closer to the U. ha ha :) Have a great day and know that you are loved.