Treasure of Tut coming out. Any DU news?

  • No wonder so many players of my Tribe on my server are leaving the game. Seemingly the Game has seen its better days. We desperately need the Development Update. If they are so proud of their work then the MODS should at least publish some news about the progress of this project. But we hear nothing. I have been begging for news about the DU. But nothing is forthcoming.

  • I think the Forum is as dead as the Game. It seems we come over here only to talk to ourselves. Who is moderating anything? It seems we have absentee landlords. We can be thankful for one thing. The Nomads. With little res and stacked full of Scorpion Kings. Makes me laugh. It must not be too expensive to run a Game out of Germany. I got so tired of the mind boggling GREEN of Tentlan is why I came over here to play Anocris. We play each day in a quiet desert and an even more silent Forum.

  • Dear " Lover of the Aton " all the time i said they were bullshitting us with promises YOU said they were on the way, you praised the devs n mods constantly.......well dare i say...." TOLD YOU SO ".
    They take players money but give nothing.............
    All they do is open new servers.......not great