[Guide] The Treasure of Tutankhamun

  • The Treasure of Tutankhamun

    In the Valley of the Kings, in that remote region far away from the civilization where the pharaohs find their last resting place, a strange incident is reported to have happened many years ago. It is no longer possible to establish if that occurrence really took place and how much of that report is true; and yet, until today people keep finding beautiful faience pearls which the storm scattered across the Great Desert that fateful day. It is believed that one night a gang of daring individuals, whose trade was most obviously that of grave robbers, had discovered the treasure of Tutankhamun, but were punished by the Tutankhamun's curse when trying to relieve the pharaoh of his beautiful gems. It is said that there was one of the gang who was extremely in luck to have survived that horrible night. And yet, the pharaoh's curse had its effect outside the crypt, too, because when that lucky individual was loading the donkey with the precious cargo, an uncanny sandstorm broke out and scattered all the beautiful pearls across the desert...


    Welcome to The Treasure of Tutankhamun event ;) For the duration of this event, you will have the chance to recruit Neith Priestesses and High Priests, as well as invoke and harness the power of the Edfu and Valley feasts.

    What is it about?

    During the event we'll have five new resources: the blue, green, red, cyan and pink faience pearls. We will enable a new faience pearl inventory to store and count your pearls, accessible any time from the following button on the main overview:


    And the inventory looks like this:


    These pearls will be found in nomad camps. Every nomad camp will have a varying amount between one and three pearls, no matter the location or the level. Every pearl is not equal, however, some are easier to find than others, the blue pearl being the most common and the pink one the rarest. If you plunder a nomad camp successfully, and as long as another player didn't find them before you, you'll see your bounty in your battle report in the following manner:


    And they will of course join your inventory immediately. Keep in mind the following:

    • You can't spy the pearls a nomad camp has in advance. It's only once you see your bounty in the battle report when you'll find out what pearls did the nomad have.
    • Each nomad camp has pearls only once; that is to say, if you or another player takes them you won't find more pearls in the same camp again.
    • Your pearl inventory is shared across all your cities, in other words, all your pearls will be available from any city.
    • As with lapis lazuli, you can't exchange or move your pearls, and nor can other players plunder them.

    Finally, and only during the event, Neith Priestesses, High Priests, and the Edfu and Valley festivals will be available in exchange for different amounts of pearls:


    Collect the necessary pearls and you'll be able to recruit or invoke them ;)

    Neith Priestesses, High Priests, Edfu/Valley Festivals?

    Let me introduce you to what they are and what they do since we didn't talk about it yet ;)

    High Priests

    Thanks to their supernatural clairvoyant abilities, High Priests will enable spying troop activity of your opponents' cities. Once you have recruited a high priest, select him in the unit orders window, choose the mission "Spy", and send him out. As with ordinary spying missions, when the high priest arrives his destination you will get a report, only this time it will encompass the city incoming and outgoing troop movements:


    Important to keep in mind the following:

    • The details of troops on the move that include an amount of high priests in their ranks will only be visible in activity reports if the amount of high priests sent to spy is greater than the high priests in the moving troop. Otherwise only the origin and destination will be shown, but no information regarding timing, or the number of units or resources.

      Example: suppose that you have two troops on the move outgoing from your main city, troop A and troop B. Troop A has 2 Hyksos and 2 Khopesh, troop B has 3 Ra Warriors and 2 High Priests. If an opponent sends one high priest to your main city to spy your activity, on the report back troop A will be fully visible, but troop B will be hidden. In this scenario, only if the opponent sent 3 high priests would he see the details of the troop B.

    • Once a high priest fulfills his mission, he will not return back to your troops. This means that high priests are one-use only, and for every new report a new high priest has to be recruited.
    • Spying troop activity does not happen silently, the opponent will see high priests approaching his city and he will get a notification about high priests having been sighted in his city.
    • All resources and units within each troop mission are visible in activity reports, regardless the migdol level.
    • Only troop activity specific to the spied city will be reported in the activity report, not the entire troop activity of the opponent. For example, if the opponent has a troop outgoing from city A, and two troops incoming to city B, if you were to send a high priest to city B for a report, only the two troops incoming to B will be visible in the activity report, not the one outgoing from A.
    • This unit switches sides if you lose a battle with high priests in your ranks as a defender.

    Edfu Festival

    Once active, the Edfu Festival will allow your troop to move without an expense in wheat, effectively driving your wheat cost to zero, regardless the destination or the size of your troop. This can be specially handy to move large troops over long distances where wheat costs are usually far too prohibitive to render it practical. The effect applies only while the feast is active (15 minutes without Scaerabeus items), and it's applied automatically upon sending a troop via the unit orders window as usual:


    Please note that in order to take advantage of the effect, only the start time of the order matters. That is to say, it's not relevant if the travel time is longer than the entire festival effects, as long as you send the troop while the festival is active.

    Valley Festival

    Once this festival is active and for a limited time (15 minutes without Scaerabeus items), the "last time online" information of every player will become available. In other words, for the duration of the festival you'll be able to know whether a player is online and active or not, and when was the last time they were online. This info will be visible in each respective player profile. Without the festival you would normally see this:


    Whereas with the valley festival, the part that says "(hidden)" is uncovered:


    Neith Priestesses

    In a typical battle, supporting units such as Wabaus, Seshs, traders or merchants are protected by fighting units and are not taken down until the rest of the units are defeated. The special unit Neith Priestess, however, has the unique ability to target supporting units before other fighting units are down, thus sending these priestesses along with fighting units to battle can suprise the opponent and change the outcome, sometimes substantially. Recruit this unit to obtain an advantage in battle, but be careful, because this unit switches sides if you lose a battle with them in your ranks as a defender.


    And that is all, thanks for reading! We hope you like and enjoy the event :)

    Have fun,

    Your Anocris Team