Anocris cheating players again

  • People buying is not a problem with this game. But tribes who go out and bully other tribes and set their players to attack none stop so people get so fed up the leave is much more of a problem.

    I agree. There are many creative ways to play without spending. I do buy amethyst for changing seasons and the market. I rarely if ever would use them for any other reason.

    And as far as bullying goes, I don't mind the attacks here and there. What I find disturbing are the idiots that are lazy and go after members daily. It shows they don't care. I often think of locust when I hear of it happening.

    Here in the quiet valley, you will escape the heat of the dog star.

  • Improving each city is important as to resources and building troops. Other than that they serve no other purpose. I have 12 cities each with resources at levels 44 or higher so I get a lot of resources for my main city to level up research which affects all of my cities.