Increase in overall points

  • I would ike to know how players with 8 cities can overhaul players with 9 cities by milions of points in a week. Both are able to attack level 9 nomads and yet can increase overall positional point on the leaderboard by as much as 23 million points in a week. That's over 3 million points a day. The amount of resources to do that has to be enormous. Comments please. I'm open to suggestions.

  • Points come primarily from building and research so if the person with 8 cities is leveling up buildings and research in each of the 8 cities while the person with 9 cities is adding troops, the person doing the building will add greater points. Also, remember that many members of a tribe will help their members with resources occasionally.

  • But that's a heck of a lot of resources. The higher levels demand blood sucking resources. The entire tribe would have to be super-donating to pull that off. I just don't see it. Something stinketh, methinks. They have to have an alt and be sending res from the alt.

  • There is no doubt that cheating takes place but the mods are selective on who they ban. If you spend a lot of money on this game you can get away with anything. After all. the ONLY reason this game exists is to make the developers money. They don't really care about the players, just their money.

  • With only 5 members in the Tribe I doubt many are donating two that are climbing so fast. As you say, the rules state multi accounts get banned, but it seems if you throw enough money at the game they turn a blind eye. In the meantime honest players suffer.

  • Players move 141 million points with only 8 cities in 23 days that works out to over 6 million points a day. How is that possible without cheating. Before you say a big tribe, no... only 5 members and one is inactive. I have put tickets into support and as usual nothing is done. The rules are not abided by, and it's obvious to me that support think nothing about cheating, infact they allow it. Disgraceful.

  • It is literally impossible for anyone to score that many points in a day. I have 12 cities and over half a billion points and the best I have ever been able to do is around 5 million points in a day, but never that same amount over several days. This game is set and is not going to change. Two years and only one minor improvement. Also, there has only been a merger between servers once in that time. They are not interested in anything except making as much money off this game as possible without having to do any work. Suggestions and complaints are a waste of time.

  • Exactly my point, if you pay for the game, you can forget the rules, just cheat away and get away with it. So why make rules in the first place. I used all blessings for nearly a month, and still I was overtaken by them at such a rate it was beyond belief. Suppor have yet to prove to me, or show me how to gain those points without cheating. Bet they won't and just turn the usual blind eye.

  • with 10 cities, good ressource- building up, 6 Nomads a day, and intelligent building (and troop building) strategie one can make up to 1.5 to 1.7 Mio points a day in average (which would be very good) - everything else is not possible with one account - that's it - everyone who makes more than two million points a day on average (without massive real money) is cheating, --absolutely and definitely no question about that.

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