remove the "required season" for buildings.

  • remove the "required season" for buildings.

    the "required season" for buildings does not contribute to the game.

    This makes winter the optional, optimal season for building construction, and summer the worst.

    This is in line with resource production. Resource production also has no compulsory season.

  • You probably get something wrong.

    Summer is the best season for resources if you're using the market.

    You have to switch between Summer, Autumn and Spring for you opponents (it really depends, no rule here).

    This is easier if you can be in Winter to build some buildings or begin a spell.

    And about the required season, I think this is just something more interesting to play with.

  • This is a request to remove the "required season".

    It is much more interesting to choose the optimal season yourself.

    You have to think, consider and decide.

    When a season is determined you don't have to think, you don't have to consider and you don't have to decide. Why would that be interesting?

    Winter could be a good choice for upgrading a building.

    But winter is bad for research.

    So you have to plan well and that is in my opinion much more interesting than simply choosing a "required season".

    It's about whether the players spend much more amethyst on seasonal changes in need of building and upgrading buildings.

    If there is a "required season".

    If not, then this change request is good and easy to implement.

    (Saves code and calls subroutines)

    So if there are no commercial disadvantages then I would like to see this change implemented.

  • required season for warehouse is atumn

    required season for papyrus plantage is non

    Adeuxline, I hope when you look at the pictures you understand.

  • the required seasons are fine i think. so you have to time the seasons not only for attacking. but you can time the building and resraches with your attackings. if you need for 3 attack summer and for 2 attacks winter/autumn you can build the stuff you want during the attacks. spring only needed for long reaseraches at the beginning or later for the looting reasearch

  • I just wonder if it could be possible for you to include a warning when you want to send resources to another city the warehouse of which is unable to accept the entire quantity of resources so that we dont loose the exceeding quantity. That's what happen to me and i have lost 9 millions of clay

  • If the developers want to have a season component in the game they should have the same season for all players on the server. Then it can slowly change. For example Spring lasts first week in the month, then Summer etc. That makes a whole lot more sense to me. That is balanced and fair for all. If you need a season to build a building you just wait for it.