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    You seem out of new words sirius , you keep repeating the same over and over. You say we are hated. the whole server says otherwise about you lol. I m guessing you talked to each player in dahshur to know and talk for them? I dont have to convince anyone me and everyone outside your tribe knows what you all are. I would hope the same for you dear, but I see your case has no cure. You give pathetic a whole new meaning. Go pay something to feel you do something good with your life.

    You sound like Vaya/Isis/Venom lol get a life. :P:D:*:P;)

    Its true, its not my business to know why you play and I dont care either. Like its none of your business what type of game others play too. Simple enough for you?

    I wasn't the one who brought it up, you did. We can do this dance all day. You keep lobbing "insults" and I will keep exposing your illogic. Your move...

    you are the one not making sense not me. Robyn was crying for weeks just because she got hit one time . Isnt she in your tribe? Fergus is crying for months that he s bulying everyone for self defense, if you see above he admits himself he "said it so many times to multiple messages" Isnt he in your tribe? You have all your cities filled with anubis and scorpions knowing that no one from Crazy cant hit you. But they are bullying you? how throwing tomatos at you? and you still talking. Just zip it you look like fools.

    What the heck does my city being reinforced have to do with anything? Are you really this much of a noob? Seriously? Sorry that your tribe didn't work together as a team I all I hear from you is envy that your leader didn't understand the meaning of team work. You like to hit lower level members and message them that you are going to run them off the server. Well that is not our way. Ask any of the people we play with.

    Yes I agree it is a game. but some are talking it to another level and making it an extension of their non existing life. They act like its everything. They do the worst but they blast and target others for doing the same. At least be honest about it and dont play Saint Francis. If anything Venom had no problem to admit she was agressive and she likes that game style. I hate that spiteful people she attacked lie to justify their hate. I will close with something Venom said once and did not get it till now " If they hate you in this game, it means you playing it right!" Have a good life all.

    You do not make one ounce of sense. You are the one whining about your team being bested. But, I should expect no less from a tribe of bullies.

    All of you cry babies seem to forget that this is a game of WAR and not a knitting social. You spy, attack, evade, grow and kill everything in sight. The ONLY friends are in your tribe. Everyone else is fair game. Those who evolve and learn from their mistakes live to fight another day. Those who do not get wiped out. This game is NOT for everyone, as is apparent from the number of people who have left the game. Sink or swim. It is that simple. Learn to ignore those who try to taunt you or fight back, but stop complaining. The developers of this game have heard the same lame complaints for going on two years and nothing has changed. They are ONLY interested in making as much money as possible before this game disappears and some other game (that the developers are currently working on) will emerge to start the process all over again.

    I hope you aren't directing that toward my tribe. We don't whine or cry. We get the type of game it is. But I will be damned if I am going to let this person Disgusted lambaste my guys for actually playing a good game. The game is not brain surgery. You either play a defensive or offensive game. It's just that simple. And rather than complain, we chose to retaliate. And you see the reaction we get in doing so. So if you are equating the fact that we are defending our tactic with being cry babies, you are quite mistaken.

    I find it funny how you all like to play the righteous people in the forum where others can see what you write. While the truth is you are far from it. Fergus, i got sick of your lies. You are the most agressive and nasty person in Dahshur. You wiped my city at least 6 times since I started playing the game. You spy and attack my mates daily and not only them, for months. There are players out of my tribe having their cities named after your stupidity. We are the ones trying to defend ourselves from you daily and we re sick of it. You say you play the game but you curse Venom when was doing the same. She was trying to protect all of us from you, even giving up on her account trying to make us stronger. Yes she is kind and helpful in ways you could never relate, you saw her bad side coz thats what you deserved. And yes Sirius, she was an expert to the game. there was not an issue she could not find a solution to. As per the attack I was not reffering in the game, since I dont think she even saw it. I was talking in here, talking about a person that cant answer back anymore. You all should be ashamed. Venom was the best leader we could have and for me personally the reason i played the game after a certain point. I dont think she will return to the game. Why would you feel you have to protect yourself Fergus since you all have scoprions and anubis from another player protecting your cities? You alone are the reason so many players left the game and will continue to leave.

    I don't doubt you sincerity. But you have a lot of your facts wrong. You really have no idea what you are talking about. In fact, I would invite you to ask anyone on Naqada or Dahshur who has played a more honorable game. Vaya/Isis/Venom is probably one of the most disliked players that I have ever come across. I used to feel sorry for her until I saw posts she had sent to others. She was vile. And she was not peach here in the forum either. Good for you for being her friend. But don't denigrate the rest of us for being honest. And the fact that is, you are attacking us hiding behind a name none of us would recognize. I am Sirius across servers and games. I do not need many different names. So stop blaming everyone for the mess she made. She bullied many of our players and just because we decided to turn the tables, and won we are somehow the aggressors? Sorry, party is over and if you continue to play, we will continue this pattern of play.

    You people are all inadmissible. Venom left the game because she lost her father 2 days ago and you know it. And you still trying to attack her. Your bad human quality cant hide even in a game. The truth is that she is a better person than you all will ever be, always helpful and kind. And you Sirius should know since you been in same tribe with her before. You just keep showing what we all know in Dahshur for a long time now. How disgraceful , inhuman you all are, bullies, playing the richeous and bringing all your wicked true selves in the game. You all make me sick. I too leaving the game disgusted and fed up of all of you. You will soon end up alone in that server playing with the flies.

    Disgusted, first let me extend my sincerest condolences for the loss of Vaya's father. Having lost my father, I understand how devastating that is. I do hope her family finds comfort and peace.

    Now, you seem to know me, but I am at a loss since I do not recognize this persona. And I was in the same tribe for one reason only, to kindly give her my troops because I was leaving the server. So, as a teammate, the only indication I have is when she had the nerve to go against our mutual leader on Naqada server. A person who I happen to hold in very high regard. He is a genuine, kind and helpful person. So, as for human qualities, I think the caliber of my teammates on both servers is far superior to that of a tribe leader that preys on smaller members and target them and others to make them leave the game. We do not do that.

    Now the timing of the recent execution may have been ill timed from your point of view, but it was well timed in retaliation of the multiple attacks the day prior t to our members. I myself was in a verbal fight with Vaya/Isis/Venom the night before. One I did not initiate. She had to open her mouth about me spying her. After she had spied me. Her idea of fair play is quite one sided and skewed. That same night she engaged, quite nastily, one of the guys in my tribe. She likes to dis it, but hates when it is dished back. Not my problem.

    And as far as her problem with me and anyone else spending money in this game. Tough! My money, I'll do what I want with it. She also has an issue with people playing a non-aggressive game. Too bad. You don't hear any of them in WC whining when she attacks them. And has a problem with members of tribes helping other members grow. Too bad. Mind your business and take care of your own tribe. We all play the game the way we want. We all know the consequences. So tough if you don't like it. Maybe it is best if she finds a more aggressive game. I suggested one to her. Figured she might be more suited to it. But maybe it is a little too rough for her.

    Anyway, whoever you are, I suggest before you go throwing stones at the rest of us take into consideration the thread you are on. I posted a wish list. She posted a nasty remark to me. So who is the POS here?

    Good luck to you.

    Again Vaya jumps in without using her brain (what am I saying? How can one use what they do not possess?) You got shut down in another post so you have to find another to fill with your BS. No one asked for your witless opinion. For one who has to jump to new servers because they can't compete on the one they are on, you have no room to tell others how they should play.

    Right and everyone plays farmville, or fararama as this brainiac calls it. Or everyone is a Clown lol She can't resist. She honestly believes she is an expert. She thinks people who spend money are not capable of playing and that everyone is getting help from other players. She needs help. :P:D:D:D:D

    There are a few options I think would improve the game.
    A compass on the world map. While it might seem trite, it would be nice to not have to constantly calculate where the heck everyone is in relation to your city at a glance.
    Also, I would like a warning when a tribe member is under attack and by who.
    And it would be nice to have a way to write one message to all tribe members, like an internal email.

    That's my wish list. I am sure there are a few more options that would enhance the game and I would love to hear them.

    You have a lot more patience than I do. That little snit would have been kicked and fair game for anyone to hit. There are a lot of trolls out there. And in these weird times of the pandemic, we have seen an upturn of bored and ill bread little heathens. Just give them the boot. And if it persists report and block them. Without an audience they are n0othing but a PITA.

    I did about 45 mins ago. It seems every time I try to make a purchase over a certain amount it gives me an error. I know my end is fine, so not sure what is up. I would love some help with this, thank you