Idea for leadership and members

  • I believe it would be a great idea to have an attack log that shows who has attacked or spied members in a tribe as well as actions by your tribe against other players. This way all members of the tribe can see who we need to attack or beware of. In these logs it should show the troops used in attacks and spy missions. This works great in other games and helps the leaders make attack plans.

    I hope you will consider this in the game. It may help keep people stay and play the game longer. Elevating the need to keep starting new games every couple of months. Too many games ran off of the same server (without merging them) cause glitches, lag and other issues in the game.

  • Strategie = ???

    Hra je celkem v pohodě beru to jako takový oddech, ale co nechápu a myslím si že je to hlavní důvod proč lidi odchází od této hry je hloupá logika bojů.

    mám 5000 vojáků ve městě a napadne mě nepřítel s 8000 vojáky je logické že jsem prohrál ale co nechápu je to že jemu to nevezme ani jednoho vojáka. Kde je logika???

    Takhle si můžu nakoupit a vyrobit 50k vojáků a pobít celý server bez ztráty jediného vojáka :-(

  • you need to post this in correct language community

  • Yes, Truly. Polish is not one of the languages automatically translated so unless someone takes the time to use a translating program, they will not know what you said. That is why there are English, French, Spanish and International forums. Now be a good lad and either translate into English or post in the international forum. ^^:D^^:D^^:D