Suggestions for new features that will also increase game revenue

  • Hello!

    I recognize that the Devs have limited resources available to add new game features, so my suggestions here are for features / options that will increase revenue from the game for them. These will mostly be new options in the Store that can be purchased for gems. They are designed to provide options to higher end players to continue expanding beyond the upgrade ceilings that they hit, by spending some money.

    The 1:5 rule should continue to provide protection for lower end players. Competition may increase among higher end players because they can expand / upgrade beyond the limits that exist today.

    So, here goes, for what it's worth. These should not require significant development time. At this point, I believe our best options for feature enhancements to the game are those that can be tied to revenue enhancement for the company.

    - Create new purchase options in the Store to fill up the warehouse for the current city, or fill up the warehouses in all of a player's cities. These would be patterned after the fill up wheat (Geb) and fill up population (Anah) purchase options that currently exist. Suggested price would be 500 gems for the current city and 1200 gems for all cities. This could have the side effect of increasing Urraeus option (expand warehouse capacity) purchases.

    - Add an advantage to the Nitocris blessing to have a queue for each construction / research / recruitment type instead of having the main categories (construction, research, recruitment) in their own queues. This would allow players to continue upgrading other buildings when a long wait time construction upgrade (like Warehouse) is in progress. When you get to the high end, it can take weeks for some of the construction upgrades. This would result in more sales of Nitocris, which I don't think get's bought as much as the others, and might even justify a price increase in that particular blessing. This would mean, for instance, that instead of having one queue for construction, you would have a queue for each building type.

    - Add a purchase option to enable the player to convert wheat to other resources in the market. This would be a bonus that could be purchased for 7 days. Suggested price would match the 7 day resource production increase options currently available (Desher, Khenet, etc.) at 300 gems. It would be effective for all of a player's cities.

    - Consider adding a $200 purchase category for gems at an additional discount. Increase discount for Happy Hour sales. Make it attractive for a higher end player to spend that much in one shot. If players take advantage of the new Shop options listed, they'll need to buy more gems each month.

    - Consider creating 7 day and/or 30 day VIP passes that combine some of the above and other benefits at a discount.

    Please feel free to add any additional purchase options that you think might be of interest to players who are willing to pay.

    Your thoughts and constructive criticisms are also welcome. I'll be interested to see if this particular carrot attracts any attention.

  • Seems like the Board has been quiet for awhile. Good to see your very good post. To celebrate the coming out of the Development Update I plan on spending for the 99.99 package. This will give the hard working DEVS a taste of my money for what they have earned.

  • Well, the server I'm on is pretty quiet. Chat says the number of players online is 118. Not that anyone has used the public chat in several months; I'm not sure what 118 players online really means. The #2 player called it quits this week and deleted his account off the server; he ended with a little over 800 million points.

    I'm just farming at this point. The tribe I'm in is pretty inactive at this point.

    A little disappointed that I didn't get any kind of response to my suggestions, though I'm not surprised. I thought the enticement of some revenue might at least generate some interest. Oh well.

    I have a goal to get to a certain number of points and then I may call it quits. Though upgrades have become expensive, they generate a large number of points. Unfortunately, it's taking an increasingly long time to generate the resources required to move up some levels. My next Geometry level up will require almost 3.5 billion papyrus and that will take a few days.

    One would hope that there would be some interest in retaining players who just want to farm and see how high they can get, but it's evidently not there. Too bad, because the game could have some real potential if there were development time dedicated to improving it.


  • When the server I'm on first started up, we would typically have over 4000 players active at any given time. The server's not even a year old at this point, so the attrition is pretty brutal. I'm curious as to how many players they're getting on the new servers at the beginning - but not curious enough to sign up on one of them to look.

  • Maahes, after checking on the lastest Peace Server I do believe over 1,500 signed up and over 1,300 are active in Global Chat. This is greatly down as most times over 4.000 sign up. The low numbers may be because most may not like playing a Peace Server. They keep coming out with new servers and I wonder how much time is used to get one up and running and how much time is taken away from them working on the new Development Update. They wanted to get the Update out by last year so it worries me that they are a year behind. Plus their next target was the middle of this year and this has not happened. So I hope it will be out by the latter part of this year as their next target. So maybe we can hope to see it in September.

  • I don't know how many people that have working on any updates. It's all a matter of money; if you have the income from the game, then there are usually some updates. If the income is not there, or it's being diverted elsewhere, then updates are postponed ad infinitum.

    I don't think this game is going to survive unless it gets new management or a set of new investors.

  • Should we indeed get the Update those who do not think it is worth it will leave. People are expecting a ton of new features. This hiring of new help may be bleeding them dry. Surely they are insisting that the DEVS perform. We the players need a financial report at least once a year. They are working for no one else except us. We are the paying customers and some are non paying customers. But even the no payment people provide benefits of being targets to attack and so on.

  • I have made suggestions and offered ideas but to no avail, :thumbdown:
    many could be implemented very easily .....
    Some where a matter of additional prizes or rewards....
    even types of contests which would boost game needing little effort by Devs.....
    I play 1 domain but if game was to improve I and many others would play more, spend more and stay longer.
    i am just a opinion counts for very little at all :!:
    But Anocris wants my £££££££££££££........:thumbup:

    WELL THEN....get these new developments implemented and stop giving us promises.......even if you introduced 1 thing at a time
    BUT i wait and expect nothing .....if i expect nothing and get nothing then i will not be disappointed:!:

  • il serait interessant d'avoir un traduction directe dans toutes les langues surtout quand on joue sur l'internationnal.mon idéee serait d'avoir un bouton qui traduirait dans sa propre langue exemple :je reçois un mp en italien ,je clique sur un bouton qui me traduit en français

  • il serait interessant d'avoir un traduction directe dans toutes les langues surtout quand on joue sur l'internationnal.mon idéee serait d'avoir un bouton qui traduirait dans sa propre langue exemple :je reçois un mp en italien ,je clique sur un bouton qui me traduit en français

    That's a great idea and there are other games out there that provide those kind of translation buttons.

    Not holding my breath, though, for any improvement here.

  • ? que esta pasando con el simulador en la ultimas semanas desde la fusion ya van varios fallos ? , te dice que no hay bajas mandas el ataque a nomadas y se producen varias bajas y estaba todo correcto estacion y todo , el juego lo que no puede hacer bajo ningun concepto es engañar , si le damos a la simulacion hasta 10 veces seguidas en la misma estacion en la que estamos y SIEMPRE EN TODAS Y CADA UNA de las simulaciones dice que no se produce ninguna baja y atacamos con esas tropas y en esa estacion NO SE PUEDEN PRODUCIR BAJAS